What is a home inspection

Home Buyers, Sellers, Investors and Owners

At DMR Property Inspections Inc., we’re sometimes asked, who needs a home inspection? The truth is that anyone with an interest in a property, financial or otherwise, should consider an inspection as a way to get a fuller picture of the property at hand, and to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the structure and systems. Read more about the kind of people who should get a home inspection below, and then contact us today for an appointment.


Buyers should get an inspection:

  • To feel confident about your purchase decision.
  • To obtain knowledge of your home functions as a whole.
  • To prioritize and budget for any needed repairs, maintenance or improvements.
  • Pre-Delivery Inspections (Ontario New Home Warranty Program).

Sellers Pre-Listing Inspection

Sellers should get an inspection:

  • For full disclosure of the condition of your home through the eyes of a critical third party.
  • To give you an opportunity, if necessary, to make repairs to your home in advance, helping expedite the sale of your home.
  • To show potential buyers.


Investors should get an inspection:

  • To protect and maintain your investment by keeping up to date with repairs and needed improvements.


Homeowners should get an inspection:

  • To discover and deal with issues as they develop reducing the need for major repairs later.
  • To be aware of approaching costs so that proper budgeting can be done i.e. remaining life expectancy of your roof.
  • To obtain knowledge of how to effectively maintain your investment.
  • 30 Day Form, Year End Form, Second Year Form, and Major Structural Defect Form (Ontario New Home Warranty Program).

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